Upcoming Trends in Eyewear

24. October 2011|Blog, International

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Lidewij Edelkoort is probably the world’s most famous trend scout. In the interview with Silhouette she speaks about upcoming trends in eyewear.

What trends in eyewear and sunglasses can we expect in the upcoming years?
Eyewear will always follow its own trends and continue to develop in shape and design. At the moment, we can see an interesting trend: lenses of sunglasses have evolved from small to large and even extra large.

Does this mean that eyewear trends are not based on current fashion styles?
Of course eyewear and sunglasses are associated with the current spirit of the times, just like any other item. Nevertheless, not taking into account shape and colour, an interesting development can be seen: sunglasses are not only used as an accessory but also as a protective mask. You can use them as protection against the sun or hide behind dark glasses – which many VIPs like to do – but you also can set an example. Sunglasses have advanced into a fashion statement.

Does this mean that sunglasses are becoming an increasingly important accessory?
From a historical point of view, I have never experienced a time in fashion where sunglasses and corrective eyewear have enjoyed as high a status as they do today. Indeed, I am sure that they will continue to gain importance as an accessory. There will be a time when people will not only carry one pair of sunglasses but maybe even two or three.

In this context, how important is eyewear in relation to the rest of the outfit?
Previously the saying was it doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you wear good shoes. This saying is still true today and goes even further: fancy eyewear has become as important as good shoes. As long as the accessories are good, meaning exclusive watches, eyewear and shoes, the clothes can come from the flea market.

What kind of accessories do you personally prefer?
I like eyewear. In particular, I like eyewear that also works as sunglasses because people don’t even notice that I’m wearing prescription eyewear and I like that. Of course, it is also important for me that the eyewear weighs very little.

Since 1998, Lidewij Edelkoort illustrates in her Bloom Magazine how nature has influenced fashion and lifestyle trends.

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