The Poetry of Beauty

27. February 2012|Blog, International

The Poetry of Beauty: Diego Dalla Palma

Diego Dalla Palma is one of the world’s most renowned image and style expert. Find out the secret behind true beauty in his interview with Silhouette.

People know you as an image consultant, make-up artist, author, artist, entrepreneur and star on Italian television. Who is the real Diego Dalla Palma?
I see myself as a person who excitedly looks forward to what life holds in store – completely detached from all of these roles. On a professional level, I feel a greater bond with writing, because it best corresponds to my curiosity and my quest to find the essence of life.

You have dedicated a large part of your life to the quest for harmony and elegance. What is the secret behind true beauty?
True beauty knows the bright side of life just as as much as it knows the dark side. I believe that painful experiences actually enrich our lives and form us into interesting characters, for it is only through suffering that we can appreciate the poetry of beauty.

What does eyewear tell us about the personality of the wearer?
A woman’s eyewear and shoes tell us whether or not she has style. Eyewear reflects the aesthetic sensitivity of the wearer. For example, I like simple, reduced designs, whilst others prefer patterned rims with plenty of detail. Everyone has their own perception of beauty and the way in which we express our personality.

You have just launched your new book “Diego per te”. Could you briefly tell our readers what it’s about?
“Diego per te” sings the praises of little imperfections; however I prefer to refer to them as special traits that make our personalities unique. Drawing on years of first-hand experience, I describe how to learn to love these character-defining traits as well as how to play them down in such a way as to emphasise our individual charm.

I believe that we should give a flaw much more emphasis, instead of hiding it, so that we can highlight what makes us the unique person that we are. This is a very subjective decision though because there isn’t a valid rule across the board. I see the book as a useful guide that provides several suggestions and solutions to find exactly the look that matches one’s own character traits.

If we are to believe international trend experts, we are living in the accessory age – would you consider this to include eyewear and how many pairs of eyewear do you think we should have?
There’s no formula to determine how many pairs of eyewear someone should own. Sometimes, one particular style can become someone’s trademark. I personally wear a lot of white in the summer, which is why I choose lightweight, palecoloured rims. In winter I like to go for darker styles as well. I think it is fairly easy for men, but women, on the other hand, have a thousand opportunities to use eyewear as a fashion statement. They can play with the contrasts between complementary colours, for example.

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