What parents need to know about SPX Art Kids

16. April 2012|Blog, International

SPX Art Kids: Model 7769, colour ocean blue

Children want to see better but they also want to be able to do somersaults.
Good vision is particularly important for children and it is a top priority when deciding on eyewear. Nothing can promote vision better than seeing without boundaries: SPX Art Kids allows every child to discover the world freely and  unrestricted! Perfect fit no matter what the activity and for the best time with friends.

Kids want to look cool!
Kids want to impress friends and fellow students. Parents love the looks of their children: Thank goodness, the new SPX Art Kids blends harmoniously into the face and it remains in the background without attracting attention. This is exactly the type of eyewear that kids love to wear – especially, if it has to be for the first time.

Kids want to feel comfortable.
The new SPX Art Kids is eyewear that children just forget about: It is so light-weight that our kids don‘t even know when they wear it. The feather-light high-tech material creates an incredible comfort when worn.

Parents want eyewear that grows with the child and brings enjoyment for a long time.
Just bought and already too small? Not with the new SPX Art Kids! It grows with the child – just switch the glasses.

Parents want only the best for their children.
The new SPX Art Kids offers everything what parents want for their children: top quality, latest technology, carefully and mostly crafted by hand, “Made in Austria.“ Light as a feather, corrosion-resistant, and anti-allergenic materials such as high-tech titanium and SPX make it together with the screw- and hinge-less design extremely durable and maintenance-free.

Kids want what mom, dad, and friends all wear.
In their social behavior, children focus strongly on their parents and friends. They want to wear what they wear. This is the reason why children fashion is derived from adult fashion. The new SPX Art Kids provides the fantastic Silhouette from mom and dad now for girls and boys. Among the cool colours and shapes there is something for every one!

Find out more about the SPX Art Kids Collection here: www.silhoutte.com

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