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03. July 2012|Blog, International

At the SUN 2012 photo shoot

Star Photographer Serge Guerand talks about film and photography, excellent design and the photo shoot with Silhouette in Ibiza.

Besides being an outstanding photographer, you have also produced a number of short films for famous international brands. What is the most significant difference between photography and film?
I find it harder to capture the emotions of a particular moment in static photos than in moving pictures. 24 pictures go into every second on film, which makes it easier to put across what’s happening.

If you think back to the photo shoot with Silhouette in Ibiza, how did you find the atmosphere on set?
There was a great atmosphere during the photo shoot, mainly because the whole team put a great deal of trust in me. This is very important for a successful photo shoot, and the same is true of respect. I’m very grateful to you for this.

Was there one location that you particularly enjoyed?
I thought the yacht was wonderful. The feeling of freedom and movement – it was very inspirational and I felt really relaxed on the boat.

As a photographer, you are always working with beautiful people. How do you define beauty yourself?
I don’t believe that beauty can be defined by a perfect appearance. Beauty has much more to do with what people have to share: their passion, their generosity, their elegance and naturalness.

In your opinion, how does a design article turn into a masterpiece?
As far as I am concerned, the critical value for truly excellent design is simplicity. I like a contrast between clean, purist lines and curved shapes. I am particularly fond of architecture. One of my idols is the Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer.

And what do you think of Silhouette’s new collection?
I really like Silhouette’s new collection, particularly the eyewear’s attractive design and its unbeatable lightness.

His photos are charged with emotion, his short films are full of life and passion. Without a doubt, the French star photographer, Serge Guerand, is amongst the best in the industry. Up until 1969, he was helping out in a hair salon in Ibiza. However, his thirst for adventure was stronger and drove Guerand out into the world. Today, he works for fashion and lifestyle magazines, as well as for brands such as Hermès, Rolex and Evian.

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