SPX®+ Lightness materialized in eyewear design

22. May 2013|Blog, International

Minimalism is an important fundamental principle of design. Not a dictate of fashion, but the absolute  timeless consciousness of what seems essential to us. The secret of minimalistic design and the unsurpassed wearing comfort of Silhouette eyewear lies, among other things, in the SPX®+ polymer composite, whose ground-breaking potential revolutionized the lightness of Silhouette’s eyewear design. The secret behind SPX®+ S stands for Silhouette, P for polyamide, X for the design-related choice of materials.

The vision: eyewear made of  SPX®+ that can be combined with other high-quality materials such as high-tech titanium – formal, puristic, slim, flowing and dynamic, with no sharp edges, a soft feel and super-flexible temples, with no screws, no hinges. With passion, patience, perfection and the specially developed polymer composite SPX®+, this vision became reality.

“SPX®+ is the result of many years of experience. We analyze every millimeter of the eyewear and recognize the different material requirements that we can fulfill exactly by injection molding with up to eight polymer composites: lightness, feel, precise detail, flexibility and strength – something different at each point.” The materials and components of a Silhouette are geared to each other. The nose bridge and the side parts must have the necessary stability. For optimal fit and maximum wearing comfort, the temples are merged from more durable material on the temple edge to a more flexible in the adjustment area. “Overall, SPX®+ makes the greatest functionality possible that lies behind minimalistic eyewear,” explains Rupert Spindelbalker, head of the Research and Development at Silhouette.

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