Sovereign dynamics, perfectly produced

21. June 2012|Optical Eyewear, Press Releases

Silhouette Titan Sculpture

Silhouette Titan Sculpture

Silhouette Titan Sculpture

Silhouette Titan Sculpture

Creative design with a wealth of individuality and style reflects the spirit of our time. It plays around with exuberance, dynamics and power, combining elegance and freedom, thereby addressing the modern lifestyle of wearers with a liking of technology and design. And this is where the Silhouette Titan Sculpture comes into its own.

Silhouette Titan Sculpture eyewear is synonymous with three-dimensional design and top quality manufacturing using high-tech materials with a real attention to detail. Impressive dynamics combined with innovation and precise craftsmanship. The temples are tensioned by the contrast between the high-tech materials titanium and SPX. The sweeping shape of the front part of the temple, as well as the volume of material that has been reduced to an absolute minimum, enhance the aesthetic appeal of the eyewear as well as its function – optimising the temple’s suspension. The contrasting fine faceting on the inside and outside underlines the model’s three-dimensional design, with the high-tech SPX polymer picking up the dynamics in an emotionally powerful way, complementing the fine titanium lines, and perfecting the Titan Sculpture as a sculpture offering maximum comfort in wear.

The design reflects the power, exuberance and dynamics of wearers who know precisely what they want. Classic, durable and yet still stylish, this collection, comprising models in six different colours, has that certain something that is needed to capture the world far away from the fashion mainstream.

“For me, one of the major design challenges is to reach the optimum formal moment, at the same time as pushing the boundaries of what is technically feasible. Finding the magical point at which high-grade materials, perfect linearity and absolute technical precision intersect to express our exacting claim of functionality and aesthetics,” explains designer Martin Preuer-Lackner.

The complete PR-Text is in the Silhouette Mediabox and available for download.

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"Sovereign dynamics, perfectly produced"

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