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19. September 2012|Press Releases, The Brand

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Less is more … more than ever.

LiteStyle: so succinctly brings Silhouette together the attributes the brand has stood for all these years – particularly since the introduction of the lightest eyewear, the iconic Titan Minimal Art.
Lightness, minimalism, concentration on the essential and yet style conscious – freed from the ties of flighty fashions and trends – these are what make up Silhouette’s attitude to life. Under the motto feel LITE show STYLE, this will now be conveyed in an integrated image campaign.
Numerous communications tools related to the brand relaunch will be available to eye care professionals from fall 2012.

Silhouette eyewear is minimalist and light, in particular the iconic Titan Minimal Art. It weighs less than a tenth of an ounce – thanks to having no frames, no hinges, and no screws; its design is low-key and light. Less is not possible. Reduction to the minimum for the maximum in wearing comfort is now the leitmotif of the new image campaign starting this fall. With feel LITE show STYLE, also the branding of the Austrian eyewear manufacturer Silhouette will show what its products stand for now and in the future. Deeply anchored in the credo of minimalism, Silhouette is the ambassador of an easygoing lifestyle that appeals to those who appreciate everything that makes life easier.

Minimalist eyewear for an easygoing lifestyle
The demands we place on eyewear today are the same as those we place on all other aids and appliances of our times: In addition to fulfilling their basic role, they should make our lives easier, reliably and without being a burden. “Eyewear today is more than just a seeing aid, more than merely a tool necessary for sufficiently good vision. It is the expression of a lifestyle – far beyond solid arguments and product features,” advocates Arnold Schmied, co-owner and chairman responsible for Design, Marketing and Sales.

The complete PR-Text is in the Silhouette Mediabox and available for download.

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"Silhouette relaunches brand"

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