Silhouette in Detail | Part 2

01. February 2012|Blog, International

Precision Work

A peek backstage reveals how much handcraftsmanship, precision and high-tech goes into a Silhouette

5000 Kilos of ultra-light patented synthetic material, SPX, is incorporated into rimless eyewear by Silhouette every year. That’s enough to fill 45 bathtubs. The colorless SPX granules are the raw material for manufacturing the synthetic temples. Mixing equipment is used to carefully combine these with exclusive color pigments. Depending on the style of eyewear, the temples are produced by either fully automated or manual spray casting. The innovative sandwich injection molding technology allows synthetic materials of differing hardness to bond together: in this way, the hard SPX of the core that gives the temple its required strength can be coated with softer synthetic SPX material, which, on the other hand, renders the temple soft to the touch and supple. Nose pads are also made from this first-class synthetic compound, guaranteeing maximum wearing comfort.

80 hours – the time needed to polish the eyewear components with sanding granulate and make the surface flawless. Vibrating, rotary polishing machines use sanding particles, such as nutshell granules or special polishing additives,
to remove sharp edges and ensure an even, shiny surface. However, a Silhouette would not be an outstanding designer accessory without a hand polish and a simultaneous inspection of all parts by a trained pair of eyes. Last but not least, various refining processes and decorative touches provide each temple with its own, individual look.

1500 employees the world over are committed to the unique quality of the Silhouettes that they produce, each and every day. When all components of a Silhouette are ready, they are intricately assembled by hand into a perfectly formed design accessory. The tiniest pieces of metal, such as an eyewear’s nose piece, are welded together or soldered by induction. Employees require extreme precision and manual dexterity for this task. When it comes to assembling the synthetic temples, employees need utmost precision to apply the glue, which has been specially developed for Silhouette’s requirements. This is the key to turning the passionately produced components into a masterpiece.

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