Silhouette iMirror is an app revolution

26. September 2011|Press Releases, Stories

Silhouette iMirror is an app revolution

Silhouette iMirror is an app revolution

The new Silhouette iMirror

Silhouette iMirror

Eyewear styling made easy: Just download the app and point the camera at yourself – all you need is an iPhone4 or iPad2 with a forward-facing camera – try on rimless glasses and sunglasses in 3 dimensions. This easy-to-use and momentous development for glasses-wearers is made possible through a technological revolution that makes it possible to show a live video image with correctly positioned 3D data to virtually wear eyewear in real-time.

This is facilitated by Silhouette iMirror, a world premiere in augmented reality. Silhouette is the first eyewear producer in the world to implement augmented reality into a mobile application. The Silhouette iMirror can be downloaded from the iTunes Store for free, effective immediately – delivering surprising and impressive eyewear styling moments.

While trying on a pair of glasses, the wearer can move, turn and rotate to see in the mirror exactly how he or she would look to an observer. The webcam acts as a mirror that follows the wearer’s movements.

The user can choose as many new models as he or she likes from the large selection of rimless glasses and sunglasses by Silhouette. Simply clicking on a pair allows the user to see how well the selected model would fit his or her face in all of its expressions and angles.  Once you’ve found the model you like best, it’s easy to take a screenshot and send it to your friends using an iPhone or iPad, who can then express their opinions on the new rimless eyewear model without complications.

“With Silhouette iMirror, Silhouette has once again shown the brand’s high level of innovation. We have been working in the field of augmented reality for a few years in our Research & Development department – and doing so as the first eyewear brand in the world,” says executive board member and co-proprietor Klaus Schmied, in charge of the company’s Technology, Production and Finance / Administration departments. This technological innovation is made possible via dynamically loaded 3-D eyewear models, which are saved in the app and adapted to movements in the image using face-tracking technology.

Cutting-edge technology is used with the Silhouette iMirror in order to reach the highest level of service expertise. Thanks to the Silhouette iMirror, users can have a look at the rimless eyewear collection by Silhouette, test models and play with how they look before holding a “real” pair in their hands, regardless of where they are in the world.

“The Silhouette iMirror is primarily meant to be used for making a pre-selection before visiting an optician. And, of course, it’s meant to be fun as well”, says Silhouette Marketing & Design Executive Arnold Schmied.

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"Silhouette iMirror is an app revolution"

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