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28. September 2011|Press Releases, Sunglasses

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Designing sunglasses requires a complex, holistic approach. For it’s not only design that determines the quality and attractiveness of sunglasses, there are a whole series of additional factors. The designers at Silhouette, with their many years of experience, are also conscious of this fact.
Even though there is a design team at Silhouette working on eyewear, great emphasis is placed on individuality – and everyone has his or her own ideas on design.

Gerhard Fuchs has been working at Silhouette for nearly three decades now. His journey has been interesting, for he learned technology first, and then design. He unites these two arenas like no other in eyewear design.
He gets to the heart of his views on eyewear design, and more, using but few words…

What makes good design?
Reducing to what is essential – very simple and concise.

What requirements should sunglasses fulfil?
They should be light, comfortable and stable. Of course, they have to deliver the highest level of protection from the sun as well as a good fit – and they should look cool on the face.

What would you like to design if you weren’t creating sunglasses?
Airships, ships, power plants and cities that work on renewable energies independently and sustainably.

Your design role models?
Nature and evolution spawn incredible designs – time isn’t a factor there.
Approaches to design moulded by nature – like that of Jean Marie Maussard, for example – fascinate me, as do clear and sleek, flowing forms.

How does a design become a classic?
In order to become a classic, design definitely has to be timelessly good and capable of exciting a great number of people. However, one does not sit down and say: “I’m going to create a classic now” – they do happen, but depend upon so many components that you can neither calculate nor influence them. However, it is, of course, every designer’s aim to one day create a classic – like Titan Minimal Art.

Your favourite design piece?
I find the Wally Hermes yacht to be really impressive. If that yacht could also be operated without fuel and use only wind, solar and wave energy, then it would be the perfect place to live for me.

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"Silhouette designers in the spot light"

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