Silhouette Day-LITE: Comfortable – Innovative – Significant

29. April 2013|Optical Eyewear, Press Releases

Silhouette Collection: Day-LITE

Silhouette Collection: Day-LITE

Silhouette Collection: Day-LITE

Silhouette Collection: Day-LITE

Every day can be a delight, as long as you face it with the right eyewear. Eyewear such as Silhouette’s Day-LITE, whose design is a byword for stylish minimalism. This is where an appreciation of perfect form and beauty melds with the highest demands for comfort and quality materials.

Ensuing from the values that have always made Silhouette eyewear something special, the new Day-LITE Collection reinterprets the essence of full-frame eyewear: State-of-the-art technology and a clever combination of materials coupled with the particular advantages of maximum minimalism. The result is the utmost in wearing comfort with tactile lightness. A lightness, whose impact on making the day is visualized by designer Gerhard Fuchs in the soft, fine lines of the rims and the imposing interplay of matte and shining surfaces. The shiny titanium temple– five colours are available to choose from – comes in a matte transparent overprint with an impressive glossy edge.

But design is more than just aesthetic form and surfaces. It is the equivalent of the creation of innovation, whereby the materials used play a crucial role. Day-LITE, with its very fine rims of SPX polymer and the high-tech titanium temple, is striking, while being especially light and comfortable. “We incorporated the high-performance plastic SPX and extremely flexible high-tech titanium in Day-LITE’s design. They are ideally suited for the varying requirements of the individual frame components,” reflected Gerhard Fuchs when talking about the high proportion of research and development. Because of the flexibility of the intelligent materials, a minimum amount is needed for making the eyewear.

The hinge is embedded in the rim, whereby the temple is optimally inclined, allowing for adjustment to the shape of the head and face. A fact that is just as decisive for comfort as is the smooth soft-touch of the SPX polymer on the tips. Additional comfort is provided by another conspicuous Day-LITE detail: Bridge pad arms with nose pads. Gerhard Fuchs is not only a designer, but a trained toolmaker, as well. He thus understands both languages, so to speak – that of the designer, and that of an expert Silhouette technician, “which is of immense importance in the workmanship and utilization of our materials.”
In a process involving more than 200 steps, with 80 percent being carried out by hand, Silhouette Day-LITE fulfils the demands of discerning wearers.

The complete PR-Text is in the Silhouette Mediabox and available for download.

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"Silhouette Day-LITE: Comfortable – Innovative – Significant"

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