Silhouette creates new design families and expands its assortment of the lightest eyewear

12. March 2012|Press Releases, The Brand

Titan Minimal Art

Titan Minimal Art

Headquarter Linz

In the last few years the Austrian eyewear brand has managed not only to win but to expand its position as market leader in top class rimless eyewear. “We just did what we do well – rimless eyewear of the highest level,” say the two managing directors and co-owners, Arnold and Klaus Schmied. The experience, the technical knowledge, the unmistakeable design, the greatest comfort and the standards of quality of the past few years now allow Silhouette to prove itself with an even larger assortment and range, thus offering an even greater selection to spectacle wearers. The Silhouette range will soon include – in addition to rimless eyewear – Nylor eyewear from spring 2012 and full-frame eyewear from summer 2012. This will make Silhouette the “most complete” provider in the segment of high quality, light eyewear with the greatest comfort, and it also represents a further logical step in the assortment policy.

“You should only do something new if you can do it better,” said the Austrian architect Adolf Loos. Silhouette subscribes to this motto and is launching the Nylor and full-frame eyewear now that it can be guaranteed that they fulfil all of the criteria that apply to the Silhouette brand and the rimless models. “It is our objective to offer eyewear that people like to wear,” says Klaus Schmied. And he continues: “That is why we have done everything to keep the weight of the Nylor and full-frame eyewear as low as possibly by using our know-how and the best materials such as high-tech titanium and SPX. The result is comfort, flexibility and adaptability.” Nylor and full-frame eyewear by Silhouette are therefore almost as light as rimless models, providing the best possible comfort for their category and high resilience.

With its Nylor and full-frame eyewear Silhouette is also remaining true to the design that is typical for its brand, because design families have been created. “We have established a collections logistic by offering a selection of models in different versions – rimless, Nylor and full-frame – and can thus fulfil nearly all the wishes of spectacles wearers,” says Arnold Schmied, who is responsible for the areas of marketing, sales and design in the company.
Nor will anything change in the quality of service as a result of the expansion of the range, as the Austrian family company will of course continue to guarantee the prompt delivery of eyewear and spare parts – up to five years after the discontinuation of a collection – as well as ongoing competent advice.

The Silhouette brand
What began as a vision – eyewear as accessory – in 1964, is now the world’s leading brand for light eyewear: Silhouette. Under this brand the lightest eyewear in the world is manufactured in Austria with much love for detail, a large proportion of handicraft, and individual design signature and the use of the best materials and the latest technology, and exported around the whole world. Over ten years ago the Austrian family company revolutionised the eyewear market with its rimless, screwless, hingeless and almost weightless Titan Minimal Art. Silhouette eyewear has been on board over 30 NASA space missions, and it has travelled around the world not only with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, but also with a series of great names from the worlds of entertainment, business and politics.

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