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04. May 2012|Blog, International

she: Silhouette Cosmopolitan | He: Silhouette Adventurer

Seen recently in Barcelona. Marisol strolls along the shopping street of the fashion metropolis and is inspired by the latest trends. She glances at her reflection in the shop windows. She likes what she sees. Her dress was a great find. Her upbeat haircut emphasises her style perfectly and her new sunglasses add the finishing touch to her image. A Silhouette. Her new acquisition. Marisol’s sensational wraparound model also protects her from sunlight hitting the eyes from the sides.

The protection that sunglasses provide for the eyes is just as important as style and design, if not more so. Silhouette’s sunwear provide 100% UV protection, up to a 400 nm wavelength and keep harmful infrared and UV rays at bay. Silhouette’s high level of expertise in the field of sun protection culminates in the unique IQ POL technology. The sun’s rays reflect strongly off flat surfaces such as tarmac, water or sand. However, special filters between each synthetic layer prevent harmful reflections, making colours and contrasts more intense.

Water, dirt-repellent coating and non-reflective lenses also guarantee undistorted vision. The sunwear from Silhouette combines maximum wearing comfort, future-oriented design and innovative technology made in Austria for a solution that offers eyes protection from the sun in the most beautiful and intelligent manner. Perfect for unbeatable protection and clear vision while enjoying laid-back days in the sun.

Click through the new sun shades on the Silhouette Website or try them on using the iMirror.

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