Patrick Dempsey will continue as the face of Silhouette

16. October 2013|Blog, International

Patrick Dempsey will continue as the face of Silhouette’s iconic rimless eyewear into 2014. He was on location in Hollywood for a second time for Silhouette’s An Icon for an Icon campaign, shot by Peter Lindbergh.

Peter Lindbergh’s status as an icon is, of course, beyond question. Although too modest to admit it, Patrick is an icon himself, and nowhere more so than in his hometown of L.A. where he films Grey’s Anatomy, now in its tenth year.

The lens shape can be customized to suit the face of the wearer -- Silhouette has created several pairs of bespoke glasses for Patrick that are totally unique to him. And indeed we have also created glasses for Peter Lindbergh who says:

“I am just so impressed by how light and comfortable the glasses are. The style just appeals, and the appeal of minimal design is something that endures.”

Silhouette’s trademark rimless aesthetic means you see things without restriction, while people see you as open and friendly with no heavy frames obscuring your appearance. The idea behind cooperation is that you see Patrick in a relaxed moment, as he really is. Silhouette calls this LITESTYLE.

Patrick: “I’ve had a great experience working with Silhouette, and I love their glasses. I love the reading glasses that I have on now, and also their sunglasses – which I wear all the time. They are great when I’m driving…when I’m out in the road car.”

Silhouette’s design philosophy is simple: Perfection is attained, not when anything more can be added, but when nothing more can be taken away. – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Patrick shares this minimalist approach.

Patrick: “Car racing is all about technology and the evolution of it. Innovation is key. Also for the glasses too, absolutely. Everything is about weight – a racecar is very similar to the glasses because of the weight. So you’d forget you’re wearing this (indicating the glasses), and sometimes you just want to keep the car very light as well. Everything is about weight and lightness.”

feel LITE show STYLE

Patrick: “The rimless glasses make you almost feel as if you don’t wear glasses at all. They sort of disappear somehow, but at the same time there’s a nice sense of style to them. They’re lightweight and they’re comfortable, and they’re stylish“

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