Generous openness for moments in motion

19. August 2011|Optical Eyewear, Press Releases

Silhouette Titan Elements

Silhouette Titan Elements

Silhouette Titan Elements

Rimless eyewear is like sport: The right technology makes everything considerably easier and lighter. Combine it with unique, dynamic design and you’ll have the advantage – or in the parlance of sport: victory – in the truest sense of the word, right before your eyes. And victory has a name: Titan Elements. Highly active individuals who use eyewear want to keep their heads clear – and, of course, enjoy perfection in how they see and look. Rimless eyewear should follow every movement without moving around themselves.

Titan Elements from Silhouette – available in twelve extraordinary and dynamic colour combinations – are the story of the skilful combination of numerous elements coming together to form a unique composition and visual experience: The combination of high-tech titanium and patented SPX material was the first step. The next was the screwless cylinder hinge, which, in addition to perfect function, also promises durability. The final step was to combine ideal wear comfort with athletic hold, perfect form and a comfortable fit.

The generously open design of this technologically elaborate rimless eyewear makes it – and especially its wearer – unmistakable. Its form is underlined by the masterful mix of materials, the flowing, soft lines and a colour palette that is as equally surprising as it diverse at the ultra slim, co-moulded temple ends.

With Titan Elements, we hope to create an expression of a reduced, essential lifestyle in motion that permits copious room for individuality. Titan Elements are the perfect eyewear for athletic individualists, combining airy design with fresh dynamics. There are eclectic possibilities for a multi-facetted play on colours, imaginatively composed in four classic, four confident and four athletic variations.

Just like every individual is distinctive, this eyewear is also designed to be distinctive: That’s why every pair of rimless Silhouette eyewear is one of a kind, “made in Austria”.

The new Titan elements will be available from opticians worldwide starting in September.

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"Generous openness for moments in motion"

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