Crossing Europe & Silhouette unite for “Seeing without Boundaries”.

29. March 2011|Press Releases, Stories

One Statement. One Partnership.

Masterpieces of Europe’s unconventional, contemporary and socio-political author’s cinema have been presented at the Crossing Europe festival since 2004. The festival has achieved success that eludes most in this genre, and based in Linz, it has captured Europe.

However, the basis for the success story of unlimited vision had already begun in Linz forty years earlier. The future of design, highest expertise, unequalled wellbeing, distinctive wearing comfort, vision, highest quality and an appropriate portion of tradition have defined and continue to define the vision masterpieces from Silhouette.

When two international success stories meet, both of whom had their beginnings in Linz, a wonderful partnership with vision follows.

“Crossing Europe” and “Silhouette” entered into such partnership and Silhouette has not only taken over patronage and the role of the main sponsor but has also fathered its own award.

Crossing Europe and Silhouette demonstrate the power of innovation for which both institutions are well known. The New Vision Award powered by Silhouette is valued at EUR 5,000.00. The internationally represented NEW VISION AWARD jury chooses one of the ten feature movies in the program category PANORAMA EUROPA FICTION, all of which excel through extraordinary performance in the visual area. The prize is awarded to the winning movie’s director.

“It was and continues to be important to us to play an active role and to create and take part in the Crossing Europe festival with innovative power and conviction,” explained the two executives and co-owners Arnold and Klaus Schmied, who chair the Austrian family-run enterprise in the second generation.

’Seeing without Boundaries’ is our slogan and credo because farsightedness, vision and the constant search for the best solutions guide us and make Silhouette what it is,” continued the executives. Always being a step ahead and supporting people with the best possible vision is part of the brand’s basic principle, just like the conviction that only the best quality counts.

“Those who look through a Silhouette have uniqueness in front of their eyes, just like everybody who watches the ambitious movies presented at the Crossing Europe festival. We want to continue to advance this visual uniqueness,” stated the entrepreneurs in explaining their decision to cooperate with Crossing Europe.

With foresight Silhouette started the Crossing Europe Twitterer-in-Residence programme to find a European film and Twitter aficionado and invite this person to Linz. For one week this person will report from the festival and tweet Crossing Europe to the world. Follow the Silhouette Twitterer at or at

The vision masterpieces by Silhouette are exclusive and available at eye-care professionals worldwide.

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