Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

05. September 2011|Press Releases, The Brand

Study on the perception of faces with eyewear

Study on the perception of faces with eyewear

It often takes only a brief moment for a person to gain a perception and impression of another. The first glance falls on the face, which can reveal so much, and is almost always directed at the eyes. But what actually happens in this first moment? How is the person or his or her face perceived with or without (rimless) eyewear? How can beauty be explained?

Whereas rimless eyewear and its impact on the perception of faces have not previously been the subject of any studies, science has now for the first time tackled this subject and found answers to questions that had previously been unanswered. In a series of scientific studies by the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Vienna, the effect of rimless and full-rim eyewear and their impact in the first moment and on the initial impression have been studied.

The studies have been published in the Swiss Journal of Psychology and thereby presented to the specialist world of psychology. But the findings catch the attention of all spectacle wearers who, thanks to the series of studies, now have an idea of the impact on the person opposite.

The complete PR-Text is in the  Mediabox and available for download.

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"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

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